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About Lisa

Connector.  Relationship Builder. Diversity Advocate. That is how Lisa Camille Medley describes herself. She loves building relationships, and connecting people with opportunities and has spent the past 7 years working as a tech sales recruiter doing just that.

Over the years, Lisa has worked with countless people who wanted to make a transition into a tech sales career. She found herself constantly responding to Linkedin messages from people that would ask her to review their resumes, give interview tips, or recommend which roles they should target.  After being unexpectedly laid off from her last role as a Sr. Recruiter for a tech firm, Lisa decided that she would take the knowledge that she has accumulated over the years, and turn that into an opportunity to provide diverse employees with strategic advice and recommendations on how they can transition into tech sales.  

When she is not working hard at being a #FariyJobMother, Lisa lives in Indianapolis, Indiana, and loves spending time with her two (mostly) adult sons, lol.  She also loves checking out live music venues, and new restaurants, and has an affinity for ax throwing. 

About Our Services

Link with Lisa services are customized for each client's needs. We want to know where you're at and where you want to go so we can best assist you in achieving your tech career goals. 

After booking your service you will be prompted to sign up to become a website member. When you do, make sure to upload your resume and fill out the fields so we can tailor your session to your needs!

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